This Will Get You Over that Runner’s Slump

I have a love-hate for running.

When I tell friends this – they look at me shocked – why would I run if I don’t love it?

Well, I think there are a lot of folds to this – and many of them are mental, not physical.

Running is all about mental capacity. If you tell yourself you’re running 20 miles today, you will do it. If you get up and think UGH 3 miles today? It’s going to be the longest 3-mile run of your week. Seems easy right, so why don’t more people do it?

For me, I get bored. If I have to get up and think about doing 4-6 miles on a treadmill it could run my entire day. But if I’m traveling, in California, and know I can run among the Redwoods, I could run a marathon in those trails. I have learned that scenery and music are EVERYTHING.

It’s just like your meal preps or planning out your week – you need to plan out your runs. If you just wing it and end up eating lunch on the go in McDonald’s, you set yourself up to fail. Same with running – if you just think – oh I’ll run outside by my house for the same. four. miles. again. you probably aren’t going to set a PR. And I get it – we can’t always plan for fancy runs and perfectly curated lunches, but when you can – you should – and here’s why:

1. Fresh Air is Actually Good for You

I remember sitting in traffic with a driver coming home from a press trip upstate along the westside highway. We were all chatting when he goes – “ahhh look at all these healthy runners and bikers – just sucking in all this exhaust.” And he was 100 percent right! While we can’t ALWAYS avoid city streets in NYC, there are TONS of trails that are far from cars. Some of my favorites are the Ramble in Central Park – these windy, hills trails are sure to give you a serious workout. Also my other favorite hideaway? Roosevelt Island. Here are some more gems (except for the Westside Highway!).

2. Running Will Get You High

Runner’s High is REAL. Until you’ve experienced it, it cannot be translated into words – sort of like childbirth. But unlike labor, runner’s high will have you coming back for more. Whether it’s a 5K or 26 miles, crossing that line gives you this feeling of accomplishment and knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t make yourself go out and do 10 miles if you can’t do 10 miles, give yourself little goals you can achieve and enjoy.

3. Running Shoes Matter

The shoe you run in can make or break your day, let alone your run. Believe it or not, you can actually get a full assessment at most running shops that will help you determine which ones are best for you to run in. Now being a veteran runner, I actually have different shoes for different running types. I actually run my short runs (6 miles and under) with NO SOCKS in a shoe that perfectly conforms to my foot. Then when I run long miles, I use a different shoe. And when I do TRAIL running, I need a more stable shoe – sort of like a car with shocks – and have stumbled across these new Mizuno Wave Rider 21. It’s a great neutral shoe for beginners to jump into running to because it offers a lot of support to get you “up and going.”

No matter where you are right now reading this – even your couch – just tell yourself you can do it. I have literally gotten so many of my non-running friends into the sport who all thought “they could never run a half marathon.” Now these runners are out pacing me. Don’t underestimate yourself – I myself am living proof of that. So if you want to be one of these “running monsters” I’ve created, or just want some honest advice, feel free to reach out and email me!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

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