Put That Tax Refund to Good Use

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Tax season. 

Ranks up there as the two most scariest words. Like “you’re fired,” “ketchup’s out” and “call 9-1-1!”

But tax season doesn’t always have to be scary – if you’re doing it right. And having a good accountant is key to educate you. If you want my month-to-month excel spreadsheet that I use to track all of my business profits and expenses, I’ll even share it with you.

Because the real winner in April is the person who gets the tax refund. 

But how are you going to spend it? “Wisely” said the owl.

Okay, so we all want to go out and just YOLO on a ridiculous new pair of shoes and handbag on Fifth Avenue, but you’re better than that. It’s time to do something for yourself – but in a way you won’t have spending remorse. Walmart is running some seriously good deals on tech items from Samsung, and here’s what’s on our radar for a new spring addition:

Grab a new Smart TV


It’s spring cleaning time, so why not get rid of that old box tv on your stand and get a nice flat screen you can mount on the wall (much safer with kids around anyways!). The slim design of the Samsung Smart HDTV creates optimized contrast across multiple zone of picture, and holds a 4K resolution (hello! that means crystal clear close ups of those men in tights come football season).

Get your own Tablet

Tab E 9.6

Stop fighting over the tablets and just get yourself a shiny new one so the kid(s) can have your old one. The new Samsung Galaxy Tablet will let you Netflix and chill all by your lonesome – in the bathtub, in bed, while cooking dinner – endless possibilities. With up to 128GB available, you can save all your photos on here too – or all those books you want to catch up on. 

Drown out your Neighbors with a Soundbar


Tired of your paper thin walls letting you listen to your Dominican neighbors drum and dance parties? Upgrade to a Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar (a wireless subwoofer) that will let you finally enjoy 50 Shades of Grey with cinematic sound. And really, isn’t anyone else tired of wires? You had me at wireless. 

 Upgrade your phone

Straight Talk GS7

It’s time you grew up and got a cell phone to mimic that. Let’s be honest we’re not 21 anymore, and the Straight Talk Galaxy S7 is all about being grown and sexy. Think big (for your bad eyes) but slim, and it’s basically waterproof – so you don’t have to worry about anyone spilling something on it – whether it be your toddler or drunken girlfriend. Wait for it – that’s not it. It also equip for fastcharging – that means it goes from 0-100 percent is basically no time. You can stop having to stop and hanging out at those new wifi stations around NYC charging your phone mid-day. 

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