Sheet Pans Are Your New Best Friend


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While attending a group dinner last night full of NYC editors, we all went around the family-style dinner table and shared what meal we remembered from our childhood that really defined us growing up. It was very interesting to hear such variety – from moms who only cooked take-out, to those who suffered through their moms’ horribly plain 80s-dieting phase to those parents (yes, dads, too!) who really put some elbow grease into it.

One thing remained the same – a mom who was just trying to make sure her kids had food on the table every night.

The struggle to be healthy, make homemade, make the perfect Instagram food photo and do everything for scratch these days is just too much. Our parents never did that every night, and we shouldn’t either.

What the Sheet?

Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless Cover 3D

So I’ve been obsessing on cookbooks lately that help to inspire super simple, delicious recipes that don’t require a lot of time and effort, still taste good, and don’t mean I have to spend all day in the kitchen.The latest intrigue – Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless by Raquel Pelzel. Or as I see it – the new casserole of 2017! I’m the type of person who like to mix her food, so throwing everything into one pan and tossing in the oven is my kind of meal. And who knew you could cook so many things in a sheet pan in the oven – even pasta and desserts!

Your New Best Friend – Your Sheet Pan


This is the second book in Raquel’s sheet pan collection  – vegetarian style. Even if you still want eat meat, these recipes are great for incorporating a lot more veggies into meals without just being a steamed side of broccoli. We all needs some good inspo these days, and a collection of customized recipes books at home is a great place to start (plus these use a lot of ingredients you’ll have on-hand in the pantry).

We tested a recipes just to see how easy this whole sheet pan thing really is. Behold: Green Chile Curry Pot Pie.

Want to test drive your own sheet pan?


Win your own copy of the book, PLUS a sheet pan to get started (and heck, why not an oven mit!) by entering here. Winner will be chosen on November 6, 2017. 

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Can’t wait? Grab your copy of Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless on Amazon now!

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