Spider-man: Date Night for Parents after Dark

I have never been into the comics or super heros. Every time Claudio asks me to go see a movie like the Fantastic Four – I pass. But he LOVES them – especially Spider-man, Batman, Superman – that’s what he grew up with. He’s even been bugging me to go see Spiderman on Broadway.

Facts You May Not Know:

– Claudio falls asleep during movies, and/or Broadway and the Opera (sorry, Jess!).

– Claudio is also known to walk out at intermission and spend the rest of the play at the bar across the street. (True Story. Happened at Phantom).

– Claudio LOVES comic books and super heros like Spider-man, BatMan and SuperMan (not to the point that we have comic books and action figures taking over the apartment, but more the 80s-kid growing up watching them on tv).

– Claudio actually WANTED to go see Spider-man on Broadway. – could he stay awake, survive the whole show since it would be something he liked?

Well, ironically, NY Metro Parent answered that for us when they offered me tickets to go see the show. I figured it would be a great challenge –

1. We’d get a date night during the week. (Planning a date night in the middle of the week with kids and in NYC could possibly be harder than navigating traffic in rush hour on a friday – at the GW Bridge).

2. Claudio would be put to the test – would Spiderman be good enough to satisfy even the hardest of audience members?

And so, The Spider-Man On Broadway Challenge Began


Let’s just start by saying, even though Claudio loves super heros – I don’t. I am not a big fan of  fantasy/comic style – so going into Spider-man, I was more excited to see Broadway, not the storyline, per say.


And my overall review: A+

(as in, you better go get a ticket before this sells out and leaves Broadway forever).

Honestly, it is probably one of the best shows I have seen on Broadway – and defines the reason why Broadway is STILL such a huge attraction. They pull out all the stops for this show.


– I mean, if you go for nothing else, the air show is incredible. I have gone to a lot of Cirque du Soleil shows, and this rivals them – especially knowing that this is Broadway – not a life long career in aerodynamics. These actors are actors, not flying artists – but there they are – flying high above you. There is literally a FIGHT between good and evil happening over your head. Yes. Over your head. Look up! That’s a first for Broadway for me. Kudos, Spider-man.

See a snip clip video here on the Spider-man website.

– Kids would LOVE this. I almost wish Maximo was older because he would have LOVED this show. It was so animated, action-packed and just FUN to watch that it even kept Claudio’s attention span all night! (YES it’s even GREAT FOR BIG KIDS!) Spider-man is all over the place, jumping in the crowd, flying over your head, shooting webs on the audience – it was just nonstop! I laughed, I cried, I cheered for the good guy – it evokes all the emotions that Broadway is famous for!


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*While stocks last.


– Don’t forget the props – they did some pretty amazing layouts – like making the entire stage seem like you’re on the top of the Chrysler Building looking down at cabs on the street. It was a different perspective than I’ve seen in a lot of shows. It was easy to see a lot of work and creativity went into the design of this show. Not to mention all the costumes, characters – you name it – there were no shortcuts here! Plus – as a New Yorker, I love seeing how the shows incorporate moments and/or lines that only the ‘locals.’ Get. Ha – it’s a New Yorker thing! Let me know if you picked up on them too after you see the show – 

– Ahhh yes, the storyline. For someone who doesn’t watch super heros and comic books, it was a great storyline. There were all the highs, lows, love story, beautiful a capella singing….I totally forgot I was watching a fantasy/comic show – it felt so real!

– Who was my favorite? Well I mean, of course I left with a #superherocrush on Spiderman (played by Matthew Wilkas) – but overall my favorite actors were Dr. Osborn (aka the Green Goblin) played by Dan Sharkey, JJ (the editor of the Daily Bugle) played by Michael Mulheren, and the introduction of Arachne, played by Christina DeCicco. Her voice is beyond beautiful. I could listen to her sing all day. So beautiful I am going to Google her after I write this to see if I can find her CD to download.


Personally, I LOVE Broadway – it’s one of the living-in-NYC perks I don’t get to take advantage of much these days and Spider-man reminded me why you SHOULD be taking advantage of plays like these! There is NOTHING more amazing than a live show – the props, the costumes, the singing, the emotions – if this show doesn’t give you goosebumps, and make you tear up a little – well, then, you must not be human!

I secretly hope this is still on Broadway in 3-4 more years so I can take Maximo 🙂 See you in a few, Spider-man!


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