Surf’s Up: Staying Fresh Post-Workout


Whoever still things working out is some lug in gym grunting or the never-ending stair climber obviously doesn’t live in NYC. Every week there is a new form of fitness popping up – and I’m always game to try it. From aerial yoga to booting popping with a live DJ to now surfing – yes SURFING – I can only imagine what’s next.

Surprisingly, I never thought I would be good at surfing – it just looks intimidating – plus SHARKS. So when I finally jumped on a surfboard (sans ocean), I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily I took to it. And actually, it’s a killer workout, dude! Trying to balance on the board makes you really work muscles – and a lot of the BOOTY muscles so yeah. 


Where is this place? It’s called Surfset (you might have seen it on Sharktank) and it’s located on a quiet side street in Astor Place. We tried a class with co-owner Diana Garrett, and trust me, it’s pretty tough but a lot of fun! It also doesn’t hurt that they play a lot of Beach Boys and Bob Marley to get into beach mode, dude.

And you know what else is super fresh, dudette? You after your workout. 


Let’s be honest for a minute. Fitting in workouts can be timely, especially as parents, not to mention lugging shower stuff with you everywhere, so I am assuming many of you do NOT shower immediately following a working – myself included. So these new individual wrapped Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths are A MUST for your gym bag. Or even your purse on those more than humid summer days. You know exactly what I mean – don’t be shy, I’m here to help!

Summer’s Eve has a full line out that’s just in time for summer and bikini season workouts. These little cleansing cloths are all-natural and don’t have harsh chemicals to help remove odor causing bacteria (just like how you’d spritz on some deodorant after a workout, too!). They come in two fresh scents Mandarin Blossom and Coconut Water (my favorite!).

They also have a foaming cleanser you can use at home or the shower at the gym that is also multi-useful so you can use it to clean everything (and just carry one thing). I have enough to lug around this city. 

Now that you’ve channeled your fresh, inner mermaid – you need a crown.


Till next time lovies!

This is a sponsored post by Summer’s Eve on behalf of Momtrends, but all opinions are my own. Thanks again for supporting Football Food and Motherhood.

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