Spring, Sunshine and Sweet Corn

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It’s no secret corn has been one of my favorite (and now Maximo’s) foods of all time. I still remember how traumatic it was to have to cut the corn off the cob for those lonely years I had braces. Please these teeth aren’t naturally this perfect. 

And then it progressed into a full blow love affair with noodles, butter and parm cheese. Ask my dear friend Connie. We still bond over bowls of pasta speckled with those golden yellow kernels. 

So when did corn become such a Faux Pas? All of a sudden it was a carb that no one wanted to add to their calories. And then everyone feared it was fake. Well, I am here to defend my favorite vegetable – starch and all. 


Just like any food item, you need to do your homework. Did you know that real, Non-GMO corn IS AVAILABLE, and actually not just in the summer. Sunshine Sweet Corn is grown right here in the good ole USA (Florida) – and right now, too. This delicious cob is just like those childhood summer days you remember with melted butter dripping off the cob onto your pants with your gram yelling at you. Find where Sunshine Sweet Corn is available in stores here

And for you health nuts out there – I’ve recreated one of their own recipes, a sweet corn ceviche (which means ALL vegetables are raw and in their full natural state holding all the most nutrients!). So instead of steering clear of food for that bikini, just rethink how you eat it – this is one of the most easiest (no cooking hello!), delicious recipes out there that you’ll want to have as a go-to snack marinating in your fridge this spring, summer and probably even fall!

Sweet Corn Ceviche


[yumprint-recipe id=’20’]And now the big question – do you eat across or around the cob? Curious! (I actually do both! Once around and then across haha – it’s an art!).

Want more? See a full list of corn-inspired recipes here


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