Survival Tips for the Surprise Hospital Sleepover – not the sleepover you had in grade school.

Thought I would just blog about our “surprise!” hospital visit while I am home on bed rest so you can all be updated on the status of Maximo.

Due July 24th – 18 days to go!

And as we all thought he might came out early –  we realized he was just being a typical man and causing problems for no reason. He’s doing great in there BTW!

Currently 7 lbs/6oz – heartbeat is fabulous and he has more than enough amniotic fluid.

So yesterday morning I had a slight “gush” of water that was tinged with blood – nothing big – but big enough I decided to call the doctor. (Yes, pregnancy is full of lovely surprises so don’t wear white in the last few weeks – and put some mattress pads down). We were also about to take our last weekend getaway to the Hamptons (that I had forgotten about due to baby brain lol), so I figured before travel – we should check with doc. She wanted me to come in just to see me before I left.
When we got to the doctors office – she said it looked like my water was indeed broke. UM WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I still have two weeks! I wasn’t mentally prepared for this yet! Claudio stayed calm but I knew he was thinking the same.

They sent me directly over to triage in Labor  & Delivery.

Had my water broke?

Had my placenta detached from my uterus?

Babies have a funny way of keeping you in the dark on when and how they want to make an appearance, so to be safe – they decided to admit me overnight and monitor Maximo’s heartbeat.

#1 – Sleeping in a hospital doesn’t happen. – Even though all the nurses and doctors are sweet as pie at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt, they can’t ship Vera (my bed, lol – read back to learn about Vera if you don’t know) to L&D so take some things that are going to keep you “comfortable.” For me, that was my pillow and Ipad to catch up on “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Fetal monitors aren’t the best, and as you shift to try to sleep, they’ll loose track of the heartbeat, and the poor nurses have to keep coming in to adjust it – and waking you up. Maybe it’s just my age or this extra weight I’m carrying but sleeping sitting up on your back in a hospital is ZERO FUN. The view of the city is rather nice though!

#2 – Prep yourself for needles.
When you’re pregnant -it’s not about you anymore. Prepare to be a pin cushion. AND HINT OF ADVICE – ASK FOR A SMALLLLLL IV NEEDLE! The one I had yesterday looked and felt like the barrel of a rifle. It was the most painful part of my whole experience! And trust me – McHandsome, McSteamy and Magic Mike isn’t giving it to you.

#3 Start mentally preparing yourself for Baby to come. When they blindslighted me that my water may have broke – it hit me like a wall that this baby was coming now. I was still under the impression I had 19 days left! So don’t get hooked up on your due date – remember he/she will come on their own! So after week 36 (maybe even sooner) – just have it in the back of your head. Mini checklist:

– have your hospital bag packed! that includes the (washed) going home clothes for baby and some snacks and a few magazines – always a lot of waiting in a hospital!

– have your birth plan ready – no meds? circumcising a boy? want a bowl full of blue m&ms by your side at all times while Buffy the Vampire Slayer plays in the background? Better figure that out now!

#4 Give thanks where thanks are due. If you’re anything like me – or maybe worse – you’re not the most pleasant person in pain. Let alone labor. So make sure to not take it out on nurses – they’re there to help you. So is your baby daddy – so make sure they know how much you appreciate them! It’s hard on them too – check out this trooper – he stayed with me all night. Gotta love him! xoxo ..We did end up having the room to ourselves –  but the lady waiting for a c-section with me for a while was a NUT! She was yelling and screaming like a mad woman about HER knowing best NOT the nurses – while mine was standing right there. Can you say PSYCHOOOOOOO. I bet she had blue m&ms on HER birth plan. ( And if  I was her nurse, I’d run them under a nice bed pan first!) – sorry if this “lady” figures me out, reads this blog and is offended – but HEY! you were a little crazy. admit it.

Signing off from bed rest in Astoria – mom and Maximo doing great!

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