These Little Frozen Boxes Are Perfect For Your Central Park Lunch Break


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It’s strange how busy life gets the older you get. When you’re a child, counting down those days until you on vacation can drag on for what seems a lifetime, but now as a mom in her 30s, I feel like I blink and the day is gone. Not to mention, my daily schedule is like a Tetris game, trying to perfectly fit everything around a schedule to make it the most efficient, and still be back in time for school pick up. 

I barely have time to make lunch for Max let alone myself. So sometimes (cringe) I have even gone without it, or end up grabbing something totally worth regretting on the NYC streets or  paying an obscene amount of money for a meal smaller than your new smart phone. But brands are catching on to our impossible lifestyles and making food options that make sense.

I’ve always been a fan of Chinese food (is there anyone who isn’t?) but the leftovers aren’t always the best the next day… and those metal containers don’t pair well with office microwaves. But Tai Pei has heard the woes of hungry, busy lunchers and has a new solution for you – Tai Pei Frozen Fried Rice to-go! 

Why Tai Pei you ask?


Because I’m tried of the overachiever lifestyle and these cute little containers are the perfect size for throwing in your bag, and they only take five minutes to heat up (and two minutes to cool down – perfect amount of time for that quick walk outside to the park!).

Because these little lunches have exceptional flavor and come in a range of tasty entrées that are made with real, pure ingredients, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

Because you’re going to love that they have your favorites like Beef and Broccoli, Sweet and Sour Chicken and General Tao’s. Oh, yes they do! Frozen doesn’t have to mean not fresh, people. And peek the photo of me in Central Park above – this tiny box pack 14g of protein and only 370 calories, so it’s going to hold you through that afternoon lull. 

I’ll be taking on a few adventures with Tai Pei and Asian food this month, so follow along to see some new inspiring ideas. 

Intrigued to try Tai Pei? 

This coupon gives you $1 off any Tai Pei single serving bowl. Grab it here. Why wouldn’t you!? 

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