10 Baby Gifts for New Moms

The holidays are over, birthday – whatever the occasion. There is this huge pile of baby gifts taking over your tiny apartment like a bad case of black mold.

Time for RETURNS – or as we refer to it – “Claudio’s wonderful world of Gift Cards.” When I first met Claudio, he had a stack of gift cards from prior returns the size of a $5 dollar footlong. No Joke. Claudio is also a borderline hoarder lol. But things change when you have a kid- you can ALWAYS find a way to spend them… and returns, oh returns! Sometimes Aunt Martha forgets you live in NYC and buys you a life-sized doll house, or that your baby isn’t in newborn sizes anymore. (??!!!) Maybe they’re trying to TELL you something?? LOL

Anyways,  if you have a pile of unneeded, unnecessary toys – let me tell you what you SHOULD have asked for – of If you’re lucky – show you’re friends this list BEFORE Christmas shows up!

10 Baby Gifts For New Moms – (that moms really want!)

(you can order each item by clicking on the photo!)

1. Grobags –

I swear I’m one scary article on SIDS away from a permanent Xanex prescription. No bumper pads, no blankets, no NOTHING. I mean, I am pretty sure I slept on my stomach, in whatever my parents could find to wrap me up, including cow feed burlap sacks on the farm. They didn’t have any of this FANCY crap back in the 80s and we survived – but if you’re like me who lives in the fear of the media pushing consumer spending… these will help you sleep a lot better knowing your baby is safe. I always go for the TOG 2 – or the “seasonal” blanket that allows for the temperature changes – and keeps baby at a nice constant temp – not overheating or freezing. You can purchase them here – or watch for sales on Gilt Group… I got mine for half the price!




2. Bundleme (JJ Cole Collection).

Even though we seem to be living in Global Warming since I haven’t seen the snow fall since my first year in NYC, these are a life saver in the chilly cold winds and rain. If you’re outside a lot like us, these are perfect for your car seat (and stroller for the older kiddies) so you don’t have to bundle them up like Randy in A Christmas Story to go outside – they simply get “snuggled” into this car seat weather-proof blanket and you can leave the puffy jackets at home.





3. O Ball –
Maximo is obsessed with his hands and they flair around like the mad “Miestro” from Seinfeld all day and night. The O-ball is a lifesaver because it gives him something to reach for and easily grasp, and won’t give him a concussion when he wacks himself in the head with it. It also allows him to somewhat stick in his mouth… just make sure you keep some baby wipes around since ours ends up under the couch and every crook in the house with a dust bunny.



4. Go-Pod –
NYC, the land of  TOY-UNFRIENDLY apartments. Whosoever idea it was to make children toys as big, bulky ugly and annoying as possible is a straight A$$hole.  I can barely fit his crib and clothes in our place not to mention that Fiat-sized activity center you think I should squeeze into my apartment living room. You want me to spend $300 for some cheap plastic that I have to peek through to see the television? No thanks. Introducing the Kid Pod – the fold-up baby activity chair. It’s just like tailgating!! (and you can probably use there too lol) – fold it out, pop a couple toys on the hooks and voila! Instant entertainment! Plus it’s only $50, and when I want to feel like I still run my own house, I can fold it up, hide it under the couch, and still have somewhat of a grown-up apartment.


5. SugarSnap Organizer –
Brilliant!!! I highly doubt I am the only mom tired of toting around a bright blue diaper bag with animals all over it to a dinner party. Sometimes mom still wants to APPEAR like she’s hip and trendy. These are AMAZING. You can pop them in your purse, and transform it into a mini diaper bag for those “special” events. Trust me – It even worked in my Tory Burch bag. And you can just pop out, and place in a new one when you want to use your black Marc Jacobs bag instead. Insta-cool-mom!!!!




6. Mustache Pacifiers –
Probably not as cool if you have a girl, lol, but these are just something fun. I’m tired of the icky baby ducks on my pacifiers. Maximo deserves some coolness.





7. the apron towel –
This is awesome. If you EVER have to give baby a bath on your own, you know you could use another hand!!!! Or hate putting the towel on the toilet or floor? Ew – this way you WEAR IT! Pop baby right out of the tub and into your arms. YES PLEASE!!! Plus – it helps keep you dry during the bath process – you can thank me later.







8. Go the F to Sleep –
I’ve mentioned this before. Sometimes mom needs a good bedtime book as well. This is perfect now, before Maximo starts to understand what “F” means. LOL






9. Sound Machine –
Now that Maximo is 6 months – I consider myself a pro. Yep. You will too. Yes, we still are in our one-bedroom apartment here in NYC – meaning, we have to be careful making noise in the bedroom once Maximo is put to bed. ANNOYINGGGGG YES. Have I woke him up? Too many times…. solution? NOISE. Maximo sleeps BETTER with noise. Maybe this is because we’ve always had him around it – but if it’s dead silent – no way that kid will sleep – he can hear a pin drop. And in NYC, I bet you can imagine just how quiet it can be…. So, noise actually DROWNS OUT the other noises…. VIOLA! I can still fold laundry in the dark or get dressed while he is sleeping.



10. Kate Spade Denise Diaper Bag.





For Mom. Because every mom deserves some arm candy…. besides the baby 🙂

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  1. Mandy December 27, 2012 at 3:09 am

    They’ve bern using the Grobags in Europe for at least 25 years. My best friend has one and I thought it was pure genius!

    • slbarnhart January 2, 2013 at 9:34 pm

      i LOVE THEM!!! They are the best I have seen by FAR – they don’t make them like that here in the US!

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