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Let’s be honest, I am NOT creative. I can re-create things, but usually they come out looking like those totally failed #nailedit images from Pinterest.  If you want creativity, there are many more moms out there better than I.

However – living in NYC exposes you to many things you wouldn’t normally try – food you’d only see on Andrew Zimmer’s Bizarre foods, risking your life in a NYC cab, INCREDIBLE massages in sketchy looking ‘massage parlors’ in Chinatown, and BYOB art parties. Yes, art parties. Something I would fear more than riding the 6 train into Bronx at 3 am.

Being a blogger has it’s perk for sure – like getting invites to all these neat new things that you wouldn’t typically try. The last time I painted was probably in 7th grade when my art teacher said paint or fail. Awesome. So when my girlfriend Allison over at Project Motherhood said I HAD to come and try this Art N Soul painting 1010 art party she was throwing at the Art Studio NY, I was I intimidated but intrigued. She said there would be bubbly, so I said what the hell! Booze makes everything fun!

The Art Studio NY

The coolest thing by far of NYC is finding all the nooks and crannies is has – like this super cool unexpected art studio in the basement of a typical apartment building on the Upper West Side. When I saw all the paintings on the wall, splashed paint on the floor, tables and chairs – I didn’t feel so out of place. I sort of felt like it would be a toddler-style toss and paint class for drunk adults.

art studio

Then I met Rebecca. Now, the type of person throwing the events or teaching you something usually makes all the difference. Rebecca is the cool art teacher we all wish we had in grade school! She is super laid back, super friendly and full of encouragement. She has this thing down to a science, which is ironic in an art class.


We popped the bubbly (thanks to Booze Carriage), and picked our canvas.

We started by mixing colors.


Then she addded some chill music as we started to paint our bases.

Then we pick templates. Templates give you an idea where to start – a foundation that you just keep building and layering on. Some add lots of layers, some add only one or two…. And we were off!

As you can see, Allison and I have completely different visions, but somehow our creativity came out to show our personalities on canvas.



And the differences among all the painters is amazing. We had a BLAST – like didn’t even realize that a few hours had past, and it wasn’t just the bubbly! haha. I will be heading back in 2014 to do a painting class with some girlfriends again, so we’ll see how much ‘original art’ I can fill on Maximo’s bedroom walls! They even do birthday parties and engagement parties!


Kids Art

The Art Studio NY also does lots of kids classes! Rebecca says anyone from 2 -102 can paint! There is a Petite Picasso class for Maximo’s age (2-3) on Thursdays at 9:45 am, and for 3-4 year olds at 3:30. You can see their full schedule of classes here (and the first trial class is FREE!).

Just wanted to send out a huge thanks to everyone – Rebecca and the Art Studio NY, Allison from Project Motherhood for coordinating, and Booze Carriage and Fresh Direct for all our treats. Also, my fellow bloggers – Kristen Strange of My Strange Family and Jory Lieber of Teeny Tiny Foodie. Can’t wait for our next get together ladies! 

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  1. Rebecca Schweiger December 17, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    It was a total pleasure welcoming you to The Art Studio NY. You UNLOCKED your creativity! Welcome to being an artiste!

    • Stephanie Barnhart December 17, 2013 at 12:54 pm

      Thanks Rebecca I can’t wait to come back and bring Maximo!

  2. […] actually took my classes at The Art Studio NY, and they offer children’s classes as well! (You can read about my full experience here). Here are some other great art class providers you can find on […]

  3. LT December 19, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Can’t wait to do this in 2014! We should bring Taylor Newell!

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