The Bucket List – What’s Holding You Back?

In my twenties, I am pretty sure I was invincible.

I hate to admit it (earmuffs Maximo! don’t read this and think it’s OKAY for you to do it!), but I partied hard with celebrities and athletes (shhhh!), would drive too fast, didn’t wear a SEAT BELT! (do not attempt. I got yelled at MANY times), nor a helmet on a motorcycle (I can STILL hear Jamie yelling at me. She’s a trauma nurse.) Didn’t we all push the limits sometimes? Don’t we all have a bucket list? (you know that list of things you really want to do before you die but think you never will).

So why oh why once we become parents do we fear anything and everything in the world?! Just a car trip to target has me on red-alert. Every driver on the road is a threat to my precious cargo. Maximo spitting up a little water throws claudio into full blow anxiety tizzy just to find a paper towel.

One of my friends and clients, Dr. Ramtin Kassir, recently went fire-walking and wrote this great story around it. He said,

“The firewalk to me was much more than walking on hot coals, it was symbolic of the fires we walk through in our lives, a metaphor for breaking through limiting beliefs and what you think you can’t accomplish.”

It made me think – when did I start limiting myself in life, just because I am a mother?

Now – I am not telling you to go get black out drunk and race your car through Manhattan like Johnny Knoxville, but maybe you should revisit some of those things on your bucket list. For me? That meant finally going Zip Lining in Puerto Rico.

I have wanted to go for YEARS. And the last time we were in Puerto Rico, well, Claudio was a little under the weather. haha. And then I was pregnant. I never really thought I’d ever go. Then I read Dr. Kassir’s post and though – well, just because I am a mom now doesn’t mean I can’t LIVE anymore! Ironically, we were to head to Puerto Rico for Claudio’s fraternity, Phi Iota Alpha, convention. Coincidence?

Checking off Zip Lining In Puerto Rico on my Bucket List

bucket list

I am not going to lie – weaving through the narrow windy roads up the mountains into the deep jungle of Puerto Rico gave me doubts. Thank GOD we have a group of about 15 ppl so I couldn’t bitch out. UM PLEASE. Like I am going to be the only GIRL AND the only ONE to NOT go???

Besides. I had a reputation to keep. I have always been known to be a little ‘bad ass.’  Right, Geoff? haha.

bucket list

So here I was. Me, some nylon and Mother Nature in the raw. Me vs. the mountain. Then I saw Machi get stuck 150 yards out, just dangling over the mile-high cliff until one of the workers jumped out to get him. UM WHAT THE FFFFFFFFF*()$#()*$()@{# AM I DOING?????

But – Dr. Kassir was right. It’s letting go. Challenging yourself to know you can do things you never thought you could. It makes you a stronger person. You believe in yourself again. And as a mom, I believe you need that. You need to remind yourself of your strength, and determination and capability to achieve anything. I mean, you’re RAISING A HUMAN BEING. What in the world is more challenging than that?? Maybe even having children is on your bucket list.

bucket list

bucket list

bucket list

Fire walking and zip lining are for the birds.

So as Dr. Kassir said, ‘What’s Holding You Back?’

bucket list

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  1. Destiny Paquette March 20, 2014 at 11:19 am

    You are amazing! I love learning new things about you each week, and this is awesome! #tbtlinkup

  2. Anna March 20, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Love it! A nice reminder to let go a little and live! 🙂 #tbtlinkup

  3. jaimiehahn March 21, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    So true! I haven’t done anything adventurous since before kids. This makes me remember one vacation in Aruba where I swung on a rope and did a back flip into the ocean on the back’s of one of the acrobats. Thanks for refreshing my memory! 🙂 #tbtlinkup

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