Under my Rella, Rella ella


Once the chill hits the hair, I am renown for doning hats. In fact, my array of headwear might rival some ladie’s shoe closets. Being outside more than inside in the winter (I mean, have you walked outside in NYC lately?) means you need something to keep cool and LOOK cool. 

Apparently, this season it is something we used to refer to on the farm as tossle caps. But of course, hipsters turn everything that was normal to me growing up and made it cool (wow I wish I had that beat up wardrobe from 11 years old milking cows, who knew). So these “pom” hats are everywhere. If you haven’t seen them, maybe take a minute to look up from your phones. 

Who is RELLA? This Is RELLA.

And personally, my favorite right now is ThisIsRELLA.com. RELLA lives in Canada (Montreal) – so you know they make things that are warm as f. 

The best part? They obviously make unisex hats too – my fave! – that I share with Max. So with his “big head” we can finally share something that both of us love. Swoon. 

Chances are, you’ve seen me walking around town in this RELLA Bea Cuff “pom.” Mine is Natural color, and literally goes with me everywhere I go. Wether it’s a leisurely stroll through the park to take Max to school…


Or as an accessory with a tank top when I meet a friend for a much-needed “mom” beverage. 


The other fun one I am loving is the RELLA “Gnome” hat in fire red. But, really, it looks way better on Max. I mean, this is a photo of the Gnome hat caught in the wild, folks! Enjoy this rare capture to get a raw glimpse into how we REALLY function on a day to day basis.



From now until Christmas day, you can get 50% OFF the Entire Store (includes gifts, markdowns, and clearance! HELLO!). 
And RELLA is also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.
Get your RELLA on. 

I was provided product for this post by RELLA, but as you know, I really DO wear hats all winter season, so opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood.

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