Walmart Has some New Items You’re Going to Be Excited About

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I’d like to say we’ve had one of the most epic summers, more so now that we’re back into the school year. We’ve traveled almost every week/weekend from Vermont to Long Island, Hudson Valley, or to the Poconos to do cannonballs in many different lakes and rivers. Living out of a suitcase definitely has its perks for wanderlusts like us, but there are always some pitfalls to overcome – and our big one is eating on-the-go.

Sometimes going into small towns and unfamiliar country areas means there might not be a lot of food options – if any at all! So we try and plan ahead by always having a few snacks on hand just to keep the hanger away. Trust me, the last thing you want in the middle of nowhere is a hungry and angry 5-year-old. One thing you can always count on is finding a local Walmart along the route (once you have your destination on GPS, look for one along the route so it’s not out of the way – best invention ever!), and – wait for it- they carry products that will help you sustain throughout the day.

Hydration Favorite: Capri Sun Sports


We’re big fans of Capri Sun Sport because they have electrolytes to help keep you hydrated, not to mention the 25% fewer calories when compared to regular sports drinks. Maybe you haven’t noticed that five year olds rarely sit still – especially when hanging with friends. They are jumping on each other, running and moving so much that it can exhausting just to watch! And, in the summer heat, dehydration can set in fast; so keeping these Capri Sun Sports on-hand are always a great option to toss in your bag.

Protein Favorite: P3 Protein Snacks


 Another snack we’ve loved packing lately are these P3 Protein packs – they’re really genius. These small packs fit easily into a book bag and they’ve become a staple in our hiking trips. Loaded with protein (13 grams to be exact!), it’s a great way to get your energy back after hiking three miles straight up a mountain, or to refuel after swimming and jumping off the boat on the lake all afternoon. The deep pockets also keep them relatively spill-proof which is helpful as a boy mom. You know what I mean.

We’re all about practicality these days and having more options while we’re on-the-go (and especially in remote areas). Because the last thing you want is to have to drive an hour to find the closest Walmart – or get stuck without WiFi/cell service. 

You can find Capri Sun Sport and Planters P3 together on here.



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