Yinzer Snacking Is Taking Over The Big Game

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The winter’s most anticipated day of the year is almost here – the Big Game. And while the teams may not be who we had hoped (ahem, wrong city, PA!), that doesn’t mean us true football fans hold back from the real competition – feasting over football tosses.

Just like any serious game, you have to have come to the table (literally) with a snacking strategy. Long gone are the days of just grabbing some no named bags off the shelves. This is 2018! We’re better than soggy, fried lifeless slices of questionable foods! We want non gmo, and healthy snacks that pack more flavor than Tom Brady will see sacks on Sunday.

And Yinzers – hold on to your black and gold helmets – because Popchips® just took your favorite flavors of football and put them on a chip. Let’s go back to the ole ridges vs. no ridges challenge, shall we?

RIDGES: Buffalo Ranch

There is no fancy way to put it – but this chip is every Yinzers dream. We’ve been sopping up messy buffalo ranch sauce with our gloves at zero temp tailgates for years, and now Popchips® has gone and done us a favor – and put it on a chip. WITH RIDGES. You’re still gonna feel the heat fellas, but can avoid all those sloppy napkins and extra fat and calories (remember Popchips® are baked not fried!).

NO RIDGES: Zesty Jalapeno Cheddar

Ok so maybe you like your chips to come with nothing more than a fury. I have to agree, as long as its bringing the heat (and cheese), does it really need anything else? These new Zesty Jalapeno Cheddar Popchips so good you’re going to want to top off your sammy with them. Or maybe crumble up on top of that cheddar smoke on the grill like the good ole days at Clarion. Regardless, it all washes down with a nice cold ire-n right off the backyard deck.

So as you’re hitting the stores this weekend, make sure your gameplan is set. Reach for only foods that are non-gmo and made with real ingredients likePopchips®. Keep your defense up for items have preservatives or don’t meet the USDA Smart Snack guidelines. This is the Big Game we didn’t get here by making rookie mistakes!



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