How Do You Yogurt?

If you haven’t heard lately – I am a dairy lover. Born and raised with the cows themselves, I have always found plenty reasons to keep milk items in my fridge. From those frothy days of fresh cream skimmed right off the top of the bucket (true story!) to fresh churned butter and creamy yogurts, the kitchen has and always will be full of happy cow products. I might be able to run out to the milk parlor and grab it fresh, but luckily these days you can find pretty close barn-to-fridge items even at your local Walmart. And honestly, who would give up dairy when it can literally serve so many incredible purposes? 

What’s the easiest, most delicious way to ensure you and your family reach 20% of your daily calcium intake before leaving the house in the morning? 

Yoplait! Yoplait! Yoplait!

Case in point.

Recently I was on a trip to Florida with a few friends, and one who shall remain nameless was er – a little red. What can I say we’re sorority sisters and we all still love a good tan from the beach. A lovely Russian lady approached us on the beach and referred to us as her “little lobsters.” We laughed it off, but when she said the secret to getting that burn under control and really moisturizing and avoid the dreaded peel was yogurt – we perked up.

Being a ripe age of 35, we’re not spring chickens running around the farm anymore and moisture is critical. So we said why not and stopped at Walmart on the way home from the beach to stock up on some Yoplait for the week at the condo. No really – we wanted some more better for you snacks and breakfast, so we thought this was the perfect win-win item!

After being hit on by a lovely Latino man who asked me the price of the Café Bustelo across from the yogurt, I thought – maybe I can just save this Yoplait to eat since my red isn’t that unappealing? But alas, we were on a mission.

Honestly, wearing the Yoplait was the BEST part. When was the last time you had a sleepover with yogurt masks with your girlfriends? It just also happened to be Oscars night. As the three of us piled onto the condo futon with strawberry banana faces, we realized our faces really DID feel instantly cooler, soothed and happy.

Ok okay – so long story short. Yoplait has a lot of delicious benefits to it. It HELLO is delicious, and won’t wreck your diet in the am (only 150 calories per container) or evening snack, and pairs extremely well with all those fancy Instagram health bowls you see everywhere.

Moms favorite? Topped with tons of fresh fruit and maybe some chia seeds or hemp protein. Or as a facial.

Maximo’s favorite? Straight up from the container. The louder the slurp the better. And mom is happy knowing he’s gotten 20% of his daily calcium before we even leave for school. Win.

I also BAKE a lot with Yoplait yogurt. Check some past recipes here to see how I love to bake low carb yogurt pound cake with almond flour or even use it as a marinade for fish and chicken. Okay – maybe I have been tropical for too long? Time to get back to NYC life here. Till next time….

How do YOU Yoplait?

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